A Collection of Artwork from Baracoa artist - Mildo Matos Carcasés

Rituals del Behique
Rituals del Behique:
Behique is an important character of the Taino tribe. He’s both the spiritual leader and healer. Through the ritual of Cohoba, Behique communicates with the gods. This enables him to determine whether the patient is biologically ill or possessed by an evil spirit.
Size: 85 cm x 71 cm
The Moon
The Moon:
This painting highlights the moon’s phases. For the Tainos, the moon was sacred. Pregnant women used the moon as a natural clock. When the moon passed through its phases 9 times, the woman gave birth. Children are depicted as frogs.
Size: 84 cm x 61 cm
This mythological creature, Toa, is represented by the frog. The Aboriginal people believed that the frogs were their ancestors because the frogs cries sounded human. They also revered the sun as the centre of the universe, representing light and life.
Size: 85 cm x 70 cm
Caza Be
Caza Be:
This abstract composition includes elements of native flora and fauna. In this natural setting the Tainos prepare Caza Be, or bread. One of the main ingredients of Caza Be is yucca juice.
Size: 100 cm x 70 cm
Children of Itiba Cohubaba
Children of Itiba Cohubaba:
The painting depicts the multiple birth of two sets of twins from Itiba Cohubaba. She was the universal Mother of the Tainos and opening her womb, she gives birth to her children.
Size: 110 cm x 79 cm
Legend of Toa, Toa
Legend of Toa, Toa:
This painting refers to the transformation or metamorphosis of children who were abandoned by their mothers and left in their father’s care. Time passes, the children cry and cry, “Toa,Toa”, which means breast milk. Because their fathers cannot satisfy them, their tears form a river and the children turn into frogs.
Size: 99 cm x 72 cm
Vital Organs
Vital Organs:
This composition with its mythological figures depicts the origins of life on earth. Random shapes of nature capture one’s imagination. The symbol of the egg is representative of the origins of life.
Size: 122 cm x 82 cm
Idolatry in Red
Idolatry in Red:
This monochromatic composition with mythological elements refers to the worshiping of the Indigenous people of their various gods.
Size: 74 cm x 55 cm, bound edge
Indigenous Motivators
Indigenous Motivators:
This is a monochromatic composition which combines elements of native flora and fauna with supernatural faces.
Size: 122 cm x 65 cm, bound edge
Yaya-el is the god of the ocean and is represented by a fish. In this composition are other mythological creatures that were created in the oceans. The sea is depicted by the predominance of the colour blue.
Size: 120 cm x 69 cm, bound edge.